Summary: Popularly linked with men in tights and a sheriff with anger-management issues, Nottingham turns out to be a dynamic county capital. Well-known for atmospheric historical sights, this city of aspirations has lots more to cater. Let’s explore.

Built on a number of hills on the north bank of the River Trent is the beautiful county town of Nottinghamshire. Having long tradition of trading hub, it is a popular manufacturing center of lace, curtains, and stockings. And adding to its popularity, the place became a popular cultural destination. From numerous historical attractions, two large theaters, several art galleries, to great festivals and events, the city offers abundance of things to do.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the best things you cannot miss to do at Nottingham.

Nottingham Castle:


If you crave for excellent views of the town, Nottingham Castle is the end to your search. Being known for bronze statues of Robin Hood and his merry men by Nottingham-born sculptor James Woodford, the castle is astounding place to visit. It comes with a long history. Destroyed by the Parliamentary forces in 1651, the Old Castle was replaced by an Italian-style palace. It is now home to two great museums, the Sherwood Foresters Museum and the Nottingham Castle Museum. While the formers features an impressive collection of medals and regimental uniforms and the latter one presents forth medieval ceramics, 6th century Anglo-Saxon brooches, and alabaster carvings. You can also enjoy the picture collection works by William Dyce, Marcus Stone, Charles le Brun, Richard Wilson, and Ben Nicholson in the Long Gallery.

Mortimer’s Hole:

Explore the caves in the sandstone underneath Nottingham. Located directly below the castle, it gives you an opportunity to dwell the spectacular 322 ft long Mortimer’s Hole. The name arrives in the context to Roger Mortimer, lover of Queen Isabella (the wife of Edward II). Will you believe 450 caves lie beneath Nottingham? Yes, it is true and has been used for storage and defense throughout the centuries.

Green’s Mill and Science Centre:


Remember the mathematical physicist George Green? Built in 1807, Green’s Mill used to be home of the same famous physicist. It was destroyed by fire in 1947, but then rebuilt by the university in 1985. You can explore the astonishing inner workings of the mill over the four floors, a discovery zone with fun interactive displays, and lots more.

City Center:


While you are here, don’t dare to miss the Nottingham’s old city center. Yes, this major highlight of the city is simply home to several important attractions. You can visit the Old Market Square (the largest one in England), Nottingham Tourism Centre (an important first stop), the neo-Classical Council House (which is crowned by an imposing dome), and the impressive Guildhall.

Robin Hood Way:


Running for 104-mile, this awe-inspiring trail runs from Nottingham Castle to Sherwood Forest. While passing through this breathtaking run, you can check on many attractions associated with Robin Hood. It includes the Clumber Country Park, Thieves Wood, past Rufford Abbey, and Fountain Dale.

Last note; Nottingham is a dynamic county. You can visit here over and over again. And every time you visit here, you will fall in love with the place.